Safety Is Our Foundational Theme

At Patriot Rail, we consider safety a core value that inspires our company culture throughout the organization.

Safety Satisfaction Metrics

Within the last year:

  • Over 95% of the Patriot Rail network achieved 365 days without a reportable derailment, injury, or first aid event.
    • Patriot continued to see reductions in near misses and incidents by a measure of 20% which continues to improve year over year. 
    • Over 5,000 hours of training was conducted across the network to ensure our compliance and best practices were maintained at a high level.

In a 2023 Safety Survey conducted among Patriot Rail field employees:

  • Over 90% of employees believe Patriot has an excellent Safety Culture.
    • 100% of employees believe Patriot has well established safety values, beliefs, and principles. 
    • 99% percent of employees feel comfortable reporting a safety concern and believe it will be addressed promptly and sufficiently.

We Are Working Toward A Safety Culture Where:

Every person is committed and engaged.

Every person feels empowered and accountable.

There is a culture of compliance and respect for rules.

There is continuous learning and risk awareness.

There is a ‘just culture’ where people are treated with respect and dignity.

There is a questioning attitude and open communications.