HYDRA A Patriot Rail Logistics Company

HYDRA, a Patriot Rail Logistics Company, an industry leader with nearly 40 years of experience, provides unique and customized warehousing, transloading, and storage solutions.

By leveraging our industry experts, we can provide a one-stop-shop across a variety of commodities to support for your warehousing, transloading, cross docking, short- or long-storage, and rail service needs.

Hydra is based in McClellan Park, California and served by Patriot Rail’s Sacramento Valley Railroad (SAV).  The 500,000 square feet warehouse is conducive to indoor storage of various commodities. Outside the facility, boasts over 10 acres of storage and laydown space. Both areas enable us to accommodate your specific needs.

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Dedicated Warehousing Capabilities

Extensive Indoor & Outdoor Storage Capacity

Transloading Rail to Truck or Truck to Rail

Cross Docking

Trucking & Distribution

Patriot Rail Company Warehousing Locations

Served By:
Interchanges:  BNSF, UP