patriot sustainability policy

The Board and Management of Patriot Rail are committed to sustainable development through the effective management of environmental, social and governance issues and risks encountered by the company.


Our business operates in a complex environmental, social, and economic context. Valuing sustainability helps us to ensure that we operate the business in a way which successfully anticipates and responds to these influences. Achieving Patriot’s vision and mission, including the long-term financial success of the company, will be supported by quality outcomes in environmental, social and governance matters. We strive for sustainability to be embedded across all areas of our business, and so is reflected through various policies at Patriot. For that reason, this policy should be read in conjunction with a range of associated Patriot policies.


We will strive to:

  • Establish and maintain an appropriate governance system to provide oversight and accountability for strategy and performance that relates to maintaining a sustainable business.
  • Support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals where relevant and appropriate.
    Identify and manage risks affecting the interests of Patriot through its risk management framework.
  • Proactively assess and seek to address material environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities.
  • Pursue responsible, sustainable growth and consider sustainability principles, including the sustainability of the communities in which we operate, in business planning and project design.
  • Implement and maintain systems to conduct our business in a way that maintains the safe and healthy workplace for our employees, contractors, customers and visitors.
  • Operate as a fair and inclusive employer and seek to reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate.
  • Engage and empower our employees by providing information, training, and development, encouraging the adoption of sustainable principles and practices.
  • Uphold human rights standards.
  • Protect information, data and systems.
    Maintain a customer focus in all activities we undertake.
  • Minimize environmental impact in all parts of our business where feasible and take steps to minimize pollution and waste.
  • Explore ways, including through technology and innovation, to improve resource efficiency in all operations and our supply chain.
  • Comply with relevant legislation, standards, codes of practice, industry guidelines and voluntary commitments.
  • Conduct business activities in an ethical and transparent manner, with high standards of corporate behavior, meeting or exceeding the expectations of our communities.
  • Engage with our stakeholders, including governments and regulators, industry associations, joint venture partners, supply chain partners, customers and other stakeholders to develop and implement good sustainable industry practices.
  • Monitor sustainability performance and continuous improvement, and report at least annually on our sustainability performance.
  • Develop a culture of safety, environmental sustainability and social responsibility

The Patriot Board and Management team are responsible for ensuring that the commitment expressed in this policy is realized. Our leaders are accountable to communicate the requirements of this policy to all our employees, contractors, suppliers, local community and visitors and to involve them in its implementation.

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