ShipperConnect is a Wabtec system which interfaces with the terminal operating system used by Patriot Rail. The web-based interface allows direct access to the terminal operating system information pertinent to customers.


Customers can benefit greatly from using ShipperConnect. The instructions submitted through ShipperConnect are used to automatically populate work instructions for the local railroad crews serving your facility. Using ShipperConnect reduces the risk of miscommunication and data errors. When requests are submitted in ShipperConnect, an email notification is sent to those who are signed up to receive them which provides a history of requests. With the appropriate user access, the following functions can be performed:

  • View railcars en route to your facility
  • Review cars placed within your facility
  • Review cars on constructive placement and, as needed, order those cars to be switched into your facility
  • Provide specific instructions to the railroad for handling your rail shipments. Some of these instructions include ordering cars to spot, releasing cars and requesting special services such as weighs, turns or holds
  • Enter billing for cars released from your system
  • Perform automatic search functions
  • Track outbound billed and outbound not billed cars

Contact Information

To gain access to ShipperConnect, please contact the appropriate email address below or call 1 (855) 955-7245 and provide the name, email address and phone number of the person who needs access to ShipperConnect. A request will then be sent to Wabtec who will generate and email a user ID and temporary password to the user.



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