Communication Is Key

Communication Is Key

Our Cold Storage Facility associates have been working together for a long time. They make up a lean, efficient team, and everyone knows each other well. In their time together, they have learned that communication is the key to success. This applies to how they take care of one another and how they take care of our customers. 

As First Shift Operations Leader Derek “DJ” Johnson says, the people are the most important part of the job. They are vital to him personally, and they are the ones who ensure the job gets done. He emphasizes that the team is more than a group of colleagues; they are a family. They trust one another to be where they are supposed to be and pull together to accomplish their overall goals.

These goals consist of the high volume of inbound and outbound orders that come through the Seaonus Cold Storage facility daily. Communication is vital in ensuring everyone is on the same page. The smallest detail cannot be overlooked, and everyone works together to uphold meticulous quality standards.

Taking Care Of One Another

By taking care of one another, the team is also taking care of our customers. At Seaonus Cold Storage, there is a Customer Service Representative (CSR) team above the dock. This team receives inbound and outbound orders from customers and is also responsible for tracking and resolving unexpected issues.

This team must be great communicators to manage information flow from the customer to the operational people fulfilling orders on the dock. To do this effectively, they must clearly understand what’s happening “upstairs” with their customers on the phones and “downstairs” on the dock. Clean, effective communication with our clients assures them that their project is being handled per their specifications. Making sure the same occurs with the associates on the dock minimizes the opportunity for mistakes.

Members of our CSR team are well versed in every step of the process, from ordering to handling and delivery. Their input and direction ensure smooth interactions between our clients and Patriot. If there is a breakdown somewhere in the process, a member of our CSR team will track it down and fix it.

Dedication to Excellence

The customer service team has a great appreciation for our people on the dock. They understand that without the operations associates’ dedication to excellence and drive to do the job right, that the facility would not be able to service so many satisfied customers at such a high level.

Likewise, the dock team appreciates the CSR team for their dedication to meeting customer needs and eliminating any potential confusion with client requests.

This mutual respect between the two teams makes it easier to resolve client issues in the rare instances they do arise. Investigating how an error occurred would be significantly more uncomfortable if the teams did not understand they were working together for the greater good. All sides realize answers are needed fast so that resolution can be communicated back to the customer as quickly as possible. Strong cross-functional relationships make this rapid communication possible.

It’s All About Respect and Care

In the end, communication is about respect and caring. The cold storage facility is extremely busy, but there is warmth and camaraderie amongst this team, even in this hectic, cold environment. They care about one another, and they care about making sure their work is performed efficiently, safely, and correctly. Like a family, as DJ described, they are one unit performing multiple jobs but working together towards a common goal.

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