Overview of Seaonus Cold Storage

Overview of Seaonus Cold Storage

Business has been brisk at Seaonus Cold Storage since the facility opened in 1987. Still, grocers and wholesalers alike must have on-demand, flexible solutions. The need for cold storage is hotter than ever. Our expansive warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida, is more than ready to accommodate any customer need with the people, processes, space, and amenities necessary to quickly and efficiently tailor a solution for perishable goods.

The expansive warehouse offers 8.2 million cubic feet of racked, refrigerated, and frozen storage. A large dock consisting of 52 available semi-truck bays can accommodate concurrent loading and offload of multiple trailers at any given time. The proximity to JAXPORT and service by Norfolk Southern Railroad uniquely positions Seaonus Cold Storage to quickly and conveniently facilitate the movement of goods by truck, rail, or ship, whether on a local, national, or worldwide scale.

Servicing Every Aspect of Cold Storage

The services available at the customs bonded warehouse are seemingly endless. Fourteen freezers accommodate frozen and refrigerated storage. Two blast freezers safely prepare fresh items for export. An onsite commercial inspection kitchen facilitates both FDA and USDA import/export inspection services. Real-time inventory solutions, freight consolidation services, and export packaging are also available.

These services would essentially just be a menu if not for our people who make everything go at the warehouse. Our long-tenured team has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your products are handled, processed, and delivered to their destination on time and damage free. We are more than a provider. We are a partner ready to manage every project’s facet from the simplest to the most complex.

As First Shift Operations Manager Derek Johnson puts it, “Our team takes care of a customer’s product like it’s our product. Whether it’s going to another city, another state, or another country, it’s going to get there without damage, and it’s going to get there on time.”

Attention to Detail

The pride of ownership the team takes in a job well done ensures everyone from very large customers like Red Lobster, Tyson Foods, and Sea Best Seafood to regional grocery stores and even single-product companies are pleased with their experience. Every shipment from the largest to the smallest is handled with the utmost attention to detail.

Ideal location, incomparable capacity, extensive services, and a customer-driven, experienced team come together into a virtually perfect solution at Seaonus Cold Storage. No matter your need, we stand ready to accommodate it fast and error-free.

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