Quality of Service is the True Value

Quality of Service Is The True Value

At Patriot Rail and Ports, we recognize the importance of efficiency. Timely service within the framework of safety is our greatest opportunity to conserve both time and money for our customers. Working with all types of unique cargo and a high volume of breakbulk, our capable stevedoring team at our Seaonus Stevedoring-Savannah facility regularly performs impressive lifts daily when loading and unloading vessels. The crew performs consistently in a zero margin for error environment. This quality service provides true value for our customers.

Built to Accommodate

Strategically located in Southern Georgia, our Savannah facility ships and receives cargo to and from ports worldwide. Situated on 18 acres with two warehouses totaling about 122,000 square feet, the facility has the space necessary to accommodate just about anything. Its 1,300-foot dock with a 36-foot draft allows the port to receive a wide variety of vessels. Service by CSX further facilitates intermodal opportunities throughout North America.

All the equipment the team needs is readily available too. We have a 40-ton reach stacker mobile crane on the port. Traditional cargo is accommodated by heavy-lift trailers loaded by forklifts ranging in capacity from 9,000 to 55,000 pounds. Our team is more than capable of handling blade lifts and super sacks as well.

Dedicated to Quality Service

Port Operations Manager Trey Lowery knows Savannah is not the only port with these amenities. He recognizes that customers have options. In his mind, it is not enough to have ample acreage and storage space, or even to have every piece of equipment virtually any customer would need. While all that factors, he knows there is one reason why shipping customers choose to move their cargo through Savannah. It’s quality service.

“It’s actually pretty simple,” Trey says, “it’s not that you have to be the most expensive or the cheapest, you just have to give a customer a safe, efficient operation with no damages, and they’ll keep coming back to you.”

In other words, it’s not about what we can do, but what we do. It’s about demonstrating a value proposition to the customer that assures them we will do whatever it takes to fulfill their needs in the right way. Doing it right and doing it efficiently is what drives the value.

Trey continues, “We present a clean, safe facility and working environment. That means ultimately that when the customer brings cargo in here, everything will go smoothly. If that customer has no issues or damages to his cargo, then there are no delays on the receiving end. This means no extra costs for him, which benefits the project. Commit to this quality service every time, and there’s no doubt we’ll have satisfied repeat customers.”

Flawless Execution

Our commitment to quality service is best demonstrated by a long-term project our Seaonus team fulfilled involving constructing a nearby nuclear power plant. The pieces came pre-formed and shaped precisely from Japan. Even the slightest damage, even a quarter-inch scratch, to any part would have put the construction on hold at the plant for two years while the company made a replacement piece. Our stevedores executed this project flawlessly, keeping it on schedule, which saved the customer immeasurable costs.

This example may be extreme, but it speaks to the expertise and focus on quality service the team exhibits every day. Whether shipping semi-trucks to Vietnam, handling various types of forest products, or expertly handling breakbulk cargo, Patriot associates focus on our customers’ objectives and take ownership of the process. We know that the best way we can provide our customers with value is to treat their cargo like it’s our own and move it as safely and efficiently as possible.

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