Seaonus Talleyrand and COVID-19

Seaonus Talleyrand and COVID-19

We are proud of the vital role we play in the world economy at Patriot Rail and Ports. ‘Essential’ is a word used frequently during the global COVID-19 pandemic, and we can’t think of a better way to describe what we do. Handling every aspect of the supply chain while we move raw materials, packaged goods, produce, and any other manner of cargo from source to final destination keeps the economy in motion.

The coronavirus has brought about change to our processes and safety procedures, but it has not altered our service level promise. We are every bit as committed to moving cargo safely and on time as we’ve ever been. 

Steps to Continuing Safety Protocols

Across our company, Patriot Rail and Ports has implemented enhanced safety procedures to reduce the risk of employees being affected by the current pandemic. 

At the Talleyrand Marine Terminal in Jacksonville, Florida, the first step in the process occurs right at the gate. Employees have their temperature taken by a member of management after being checked into the port by security. This protocol serves as an immediate reminder to the team that they are working in unique times, and therefore extra awareness is required.

Our managers also reiterate the importance of following these new procedures during the daily safety briefing.

“We have additional safety meetings about COVID-19,” says Tony McMaster, one of our Lead Crane Operators at Talleyrand. “Every day, we get a new safety alert related to it. If the CDC releases anything new, they make sure we know about it, but it’s mostly making sure we don’t forget the basics of hand washing and making sure we stay six feet apart from one another.”

Additional precautions include the use of personal protective equipment like masks and gloves and a commitment to social distancing in the break room where certain tables have been closed to reduce the number of people in the previously crowded space. This change means some people have to make the minor concession of eating outside since everybody goes to lunch at the same time.

Safety Is Most Important

As always, safety is the most important thing to everyone at Patriot Rail and Ports. Being smart, cautious, and aware is nothing new to our team members, even if the COVID-19 policies and procedures are. We take the responsibility of running seamless operations in the face of adversity very seriously. 

Adapting to change is nothing new for Patriot. Our team members embrace it and thrive in pressure-filled environments every day. The name and face of this particular challenge may be unique. Still, the positive response and flawless execution of coronavirus guidelines are exactly what we have grown to expect from our employees, who are honored to do their part to keep the global economy moving.

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