Seeing The Bigger Picture

Seeing The Bigger Picture

Moving your cargo safely and on time is our promise, but without a support structure of out of the box thinkers, this promise would be difficult to achieve. Our stevedores think beyond the task. They are issue forecasters, problem preventers, and champions of the better way.

The maritime business is complicated. Just when you think every possible curveball is accounted for, something new comes up. There is no such thing as too much preparation when the impact of even the smallest glitch is so great. Any misstep will cost our customers time, money, or most likely both. It is critical that we practice error mitigation at every level of the process.

Our Crews Think Differently

Our crews think differently. We are experts at the task and eager to find the path that maximizes the customer experience. By putting the customer first, our teams are able to recognize opportunities to improve efficiencies and achieve our ultimate goal of seamless cargo flow from source to destination.

This is not an ambitious statement we put out there in the hopes our crews achieve it. It is a cultural standard that everyone from our people on the ground to our executives in the corporate office is held to on a daily basis. Exceeding expectation is the expectation, and we have assembled the right people and given them the resources they need to make it happen.

As a result, our stevedores realize they are a part of something bigger. They see the value in what they are doing and recognize how the effectiveness with which they accomplish their immediate objective directly impacts the next steps in the process. They take pride in knowing they did their job right, but they take greater pride in knowing that because they did, every job after was made easier, and the customer was ultimately pleased with the level of service they received.

We Exceed Expectations

Patriot understands service that exceeds expectation is about more than safely and efficiently handling cargo. It’s about ensuring the customer feels the value Patriot brings at every interaction. It begins with how we address their specific requirements and provide expert assistance when they need it most, and results in confidence that we will always do what is best for them, and we will always do what we say.

There are no shortcuts to an exceptional customer experience. It takes planning, skill, and attention to detail. It is a commitment to excel at whatever is being asked and recognize that what is being done, regardless of perceived importance in the moment, is critical to the overall strategy developed to accomplish the objective.

We See Beyond the Task

This mindset is what we call seeing beyond the task at hand. The safe, on-time delivery of your cargo is dependent on a choreographed series of events being executed to perfection. Our stevedores recognize that everything they do, every little thing, is a step in the process that ultimately leads to what everyone at Patriot values most – customer satisfaction.

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