Property Rights

Working and developing real estate with Patriot Rail has many benefits. Whether you need to buy a small parcel of land or develop a large transload facility, we can help. Patriot Rail Real Estate has an entire team devoted to helping you and your company grow.

We can assist you in the purchase, sale, lease and partnership of Patriot Rail-owned real estate. Our team has many contacts with local municipalities and industrial development boards to aid in site selection of non-railroad owned property.

Patriot Rail can also assist and guide your company to engineer and design a facility that is optimized to grow with your operations. Patriot Rail is a willing and able partner to help you achieve your business goals.

Property Purchases

Patriot Rail is always available to purchase or sell property that is owned by Patriot Rail or located adjacent to railroad right of ways.

Track Lease and Land Lease

Patriot Rail has track and land to lease to help your business expand.

Utility Occupancies

This includes utility agreements, pipelines, wire lines or any utility that crosses railroad property.

Application Guidelines
Application for Wireline Crossing and/or Parallel Occupancy
Application for Pipeline Crossing and/or Parallel Occupancy

Grade Crossings

Access over the railroad tracks requires a road crossing agreement. This includes public and private crossings on all Patriot Rail property.

Application Guidelines

Application for Road Crossing

Assignment of Current Agreement

Assignment of existing agreements requires the consent of Patriot Rail.

Assignment Guidelines

Application for Consent to Assignment

Property Access

Access to any and all property that is owned by Patriot Rail needs permission as well as a permit before accessing railroad property.

Application for Right of Entry

Insurance Requirements

Patriot Rail requires all applicants to maintain liability insurance policies.

General Insurance Requirements

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