Rail Transport in the San Joaquin Valley, California

Photo by Louisiana Rail Productions

The Merced County Central Valley Railroad at Castle Commerce Center in the San Joaquin Valley provides agricultural producers, manufacturers, and other enterprises in Merced County, California, to ship and receive products via the BNSF railroad mainline, which runs adjacent to the site.

With the ability to transload most commodities, 1 million square feet of potential warehousing, and 203 acres of land for new, built-to-suit expansion opportunities, the Merced County Central Valley Railroad provides truck to rail and rail to truck with ample parking available.

Service is anticipated to begin in May 2022.


Business Development Contact:

Tom Naso
AVP Sales
Mobile: (904) 654-0147
Office: (904) 654-0147
Email: tom.naso@patriotrail.com


Merced County Central Valley Railroad
1955 Spacecraft Dr.
Atwater, California 95301


PRC Freight Tariff 1000-1 – Terms and Conditions of Service
MCVR Charge Catalog 2000-1 Series – Pricing for Optional, Accessorial, and Supplemental Services

PRC-9005 Rule 11 FSC (eff. 11-01-21)
May 2022 Fuel Surcharge (FSC) – 21.15%
June 2022 Fuel Surcharge (FSC) – 21.15%

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